Saturday, August 16, 2014

World Series 2014

So last post on summer baseball.  We ended our summer in Chattanooga again for the world series for both boys!  At the beginning of the summer we were told Collin's team was going to Mississippi for the world series the same weekend Spencer's team was going to Chattanooga.  We prayed about it a lot all summer long and finally Collin's team decided to do Chattanooga instead.  It was kind of funny because the same week Collin's team decided on Chattanooga, Spencer's team almost changed to go to Mississippi!  It is funny now but a little stressful at the time :)

We had a great time in Chattanooga.  Both teams stayed in the same hotel which made it easier on us. We watched a lot of baseball games that weekend. Both my parents and Rob's dad came with us.

Our last day there was Katie's birthday so we went to the aquarium and Rock City.

I love this picture. This was her favorite part-touching the stingrays.

Some of our baseball buddies came with us.

The shark cage!

And now onto Rock City!

4th of July 2014

So I said I wasn't going to do seperate posts for our summer but as I was uploading pictures I realized there were too many and I was going to have to do a post about our 4th.

We started our fourth of July on the third going to a church picnic with friends.  It was so nice and cool and we had so much fun. The kids ran around and played while the parents sat and talked.

On the fourth we went to the parade by our house.  The kids met up with a lot of friends and had fun watching the parade and getting candy.

After the parade we left for Spencer's state tournament in Chattanooga!  We had so much fun.  Spencer's team was made up of some really great families and we made some awesome friends.  The boys played great baseball that weekend which made it even better.  It was a weekend that we won't forget for a long time!
 Katie enjoying a snow cone during one of the games.

We took all these crazy boys to a donut shop that served donut sundaes!

Than we walked the bridges to wear them out!

And of course we played baseball!

Katie and sweet baby Charlie

Best baseball team!!

summer 2014

I have given up on catching up on blogging. We are too busy and I just can't find the time between homeschooling, baseball (all three are playing this fall),running (I have signed up for another marathon), work (I am helping a friend clean one night a week) and just the daily grind of life. Something has to give and unfortunately it is my blog. I am going to try and still post but it will be very sporadic at best.

So back to this post-our summer. A better title would probably be all star baseball. Both boys made all star teams this summer which is kind of funny since last summer we said we would never do all stars. We also said we would never do travel ball and Spencer is starting travel ball this fall but that is another post. We have learned to never say never!

So our summer was busy to say the least. Between both boys we had baseball six days a week. It was crazy but a lot of fun. All of us made some great friends and wonderful memories. We went to Chattanooga three times in July, the boys got a lot of trophies and made many new friends. Spencer started the summer playing outfield and by the end he was his team's third baseman and cleanup hitter. He came a long way and gained a lot of confidence. Collin started his all star season with a bruised foot. The night before his first game he jumped off the top of a dugout. He went on to play and win five games that weekend. He played shortstop and brought in the winning run to win the championship. By the end he was limping bad so we took him to urgent care and were told it was just bruised not broken (thank God) and he had to sit out for the next week. Thankfully that was the only injury all summer.

All three ready for the first all star games!  Both boys first games were at the same time in different places.  My mom took Collin and Katie and I went to Spencer's game.

Cameron and Katie at one of the games the first weekend.

And this is what Katie looked liked at the end of every weekend :)

This picture is so blurry but this is Collin with our favorite coach.  He was giving Collin high fives before the game!

Little sister supporting her brothers-both were 23!

Collin bringing in the winning run!

Big Champion!

Our championship game was against his best buddy Brady.

And Spencer won the first weekend too.  Spencer and his best friend with their trophies.

Collin playing shortstop!

Collin hitting!
and sliding into home!

We had Rob's brother's kids for a week in the summer. They went to a lot of baseball!  Charlie loved wearing the boys hats to support them!

Collin and his teammates resting and cooling off between games.

Katie and her new friend in pigtails!

Spencer hitting the ball.  He was the clean up hitter for his team!

 Watching to see what to do next!

Rob made friends too!

Our summer was also a sad time. My grandmother passed away in June. We had been expecting it for a while but it still seemed very sudden. My grandfather has had a hard time dealing with her loss. I think he is finally doing better but is very lonely. The kids and I spent a lot of time at his house this summer.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of my grandmother.  It is still hard to believe she is gone.

Katie celebrated her fourth birthday at the end of the summer. It is still hard to believe my baby is four. I will do a separate birthday post for her. Which reminds me that I never posted the boys birthday posts. I wrote them but didn't post them!

Rob and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Can't believe it has been ten years. It seems like just yesterday we were dating. We celebrated by going to Collin's baseball practice that night and than both boys had tournaments that weekend. It was fun and that is just our life right now!